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 Hastings Borough Council Street Trading consent application (Hastings Pride – not required)


Sussex Concepts Registration Form (Incl Market Dates if required) 

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Muriel Matters House, Breeds Place, Hastings, TN34 3UY


Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, Schedule 4

Street Traders Application
(Mr, Mrs, Ms etc)
Trading Name
Tick all dates you are applying to trade on
If food, please complete sections 5 & 6, otherwise please go to section 7 and complete the remainder of the form
Please note any food business with a food hygiene rating below 3 will not be permitted to trade
Food handlers must have received food hygiene training to a minimum CIEH Level 2 in Food Safety in Catering standard
Any business selling open food MUST provide appropriate hand washing facilities
Please provide full details of all food and drink products you intend to sell. Including all non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks:
Failure to notify us of all product details may prevent you being able to sell these products on the day
Any electrical appliance must have undergone PAT testing and a CURRENT PAT test certificate MUST be supplied with the application form. Please note that appliances purchased within the last twelve months may be exempt from this requirement proof of purchase will be required
Any gas appliance must have an LPG gas safety certificate issued within the last 12 months by a competent Gas Safe registered engineer and MUST be supplied with this application form. The Gas Safe Engineer must be registered to work on the appropriate non-domestic catering appliances
Insurance Company Name
Type of Stall
I hereby apply for consent to hawk, sell, offer or expose for sale the commodities described above in the streets designated by Cabinet. I declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Declaration of acceptance

Please note this part of the application will not show once submitted

Insurance Requirements

2M + Public Liability and Products Insurance

Very Low Risk – “Small cottage type” stall selling goods and products e.g. an individual selling trinkets, baskets, pottery, items of clothing [hats/gloves etc.].

£5M + Public Liability and Products Insurance

Medium Risk – Small trader/organisation stalls selling goods and products e.g. soft furnishing, edible or liquid products (e.g. wine) with low risk of allergic reactions , not using gas or electric appliances on the stall, face painting, stick on tattoos,

£10M + Public Liability and Products Insurance

Larger trader/organisation/ company selling goods and products e.g. combustible furnishing and or furniture, edible and liquid products with a risk of allergic reactions (may contain nuts), using gas or electric appliances on the stall or storing gas cylinders, bouncy castles, animal rides, or small fairground type attractions.

Please also note that where there are significant numbers of people congregating or where for example there are vehicles or equipment operating then significantly higher cover than £10m may be required.

If the stall holder employs anyone the Council requires £10M Employers Liability Insurance to be in place.

Terms & Conditions
1. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any booking at our discretion.

2. The stall must not be moved from the position where it is sited.

3. Traders must send in a copy of their Public Liability insurance, Products Liability and Employers’ Liability (unless a sole trader) for the amount outlined on the last page. Failure to provide this will mean your non-participation in the event.

4. If using gas, the appliance must comply with the LP Gas Association Code of Practice 24 (i.e. have a current LPG appliance certificate – a copy will be required.) Attached/ enclosed.

6. If using electrical appliances, these must still be in warranty period (copy required) or have a current PAT-testing certificate (a copy will be required). Please see accompanying note overleaf.

7. All Traders must comply with the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 and EU Regulation 852 2004 (copies available on request) and maybe expected to show they have appropriate understanding of food hygiene (e.g. by having a food hygiene certificate).

8. Traders refused must be taken to designated collection areas as and when required and cleared completely by the end of the event

9. Please ensure any oil or other contaminant material needs to be cleaned from the surface of the site under and around your stall after trading.

Registration Form 

Traders Registration Form
Your Full Name
what you are selling
main contact number
e.g. special requirements i.e. power, shade requirements, disabilities and any other pertinent information

– Supporting Documents –

Please email copies of the following documents to

Copy of your current Public Liability Insurance (Required)

Copy of your Food Hygiene Rating (If required)

Copy of your Food Hygiene Certificates (If required)

Copy of your current PAT Certificate (If required)

Copy of your current LPG Gas Safety Certificate (If required)

Please send all relevant documents to

otherwise we will not be able to proceed with your application. Thank you